Friday, 23 June 2017

Jaguar XE Looks The Goods

The small XE has been revealed at the Detroit Auto Show 2015. Extensive use of aluminium in the car keeps it light and more fuel efficient. It takes on the likes of the BMW 3 Series, so that will be interesting to see how the public take to it. I'm picking it will sell well in Europe, especially the UK.

It has the family genes, but with improved styling as you would expect.

Aggressive stance shown here, just like a Jaguar should look

A very well done rear end, soon familiar to rival brand drivers

I really like this interior. Simple but elegant

As I don't like big cars but this is a size that would suit me, preferably as a sportsbrake model. That said, it would hardly be in keeping with my modest lifestyle. Jaguar are on the money with the styling of the XE, as they always are. The drive promises to be equally as good and for many it needs to be to win them over from existing marques.

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