Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Jaguar XJR v XFR-S

It sounds an unusual head to head but that is what NZ Autocar magazine did. Both in white and looking most elegant. I didn't find pics to match the colour, so blue and red it is. What was deemed the better of the two?
It was praised for its body kit, supercharged 5.0 -litre V8 ans alloy construction. It's 0-100 was over .3 second faster than claimed; since when did manufacturers understate? The supercharger doesn't have the lag of other make's turbos so another plus. Performance and handling were both impressive and effortless, as was the steering. Fabulous seats, stellar transmission and brakes rounded out the positives. Rear seat room was considered adequate and the price rather expensive.

What presence, style and class. 


The smaller of the two here, performance was stressed. It is a tarmac tearing demon, and downright scary! Again the supercharger was praised. This model is slightly heavier due to steel construction. It's ride is firmer but as the more sporting, understandable. It's interior is not as attractive, being the older of the two.

The hard-edged charger of the two


The magazine went for the XFR-S, but what I read made the XJR my preferred choice. However I guess it depends what you are looking for. Am I showing my age or just too sensible? Like most things in life, a case of horses for courses.

Pics: Thanks to NetCarShow.

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