Friday, 30 June 2017

JD Power APEAL Survey 2014

Dodge Dart was the most appealing Compact Car
The APEAL survey shows how happy people are with their car, scoring in 77 categories. I like this kind of insight more than reliability ones, which never seem to differentiate between minor and major faults. It also is about what a car company wants, happy customers who more likely to come back when they want to buy again.

The top 12 marques are all premium, which shows that if you buy a more expensive car, you will enjoy owning it more. I am surprised the Fiat 500 wasn't more enjoyed by its owners.

The average score was 794.

1Porsche: 88216Buick: 792

2Jaguar: 86217Chevrolet: 791

3Audi: 85818GMC: 791

4Land Rover: 85319Kia: 791

5BMW: 84920Dodge: 790

6Lexus: 84421Mazda: 790

7Mercedes: 84222Ford: 789

8Lincoln: 83523Nissan: 786

9Cadillac: 82624Chrysler: 783

10Infiniti: 82625Honda: 783

11Acura: 81426Toyota: 783

12Volvo: 81227Scion: 779

13Hyundai: 80428Fiat: 786

14Ram: 80029Subaru: 766

15Volkswagen: 79630Jeep: 762

The most appealing Large Premium SUV in the survey

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