Friday, 16 June 2017

Lotus Define Their New Direction In 2015

Lotus cars sell in small numbers as can be seen when I do a blog on sales such as the one here (just click). A few years ago big ambitions were expressed, which seemed unachievable and so it proved (click here for that). I even suggested a suitor for Lotus cars (which is here) but that hasn't happened, although it was tongue in cheek.

Now the path forward is becoming clearer. Move upmarket with more powerful and more expensive offerings. Maybe not the whole range but at least some need to go there. It is the correct way to go if Lotus is ever to become profitable. The car to do that now is the replacement for the current Evora range, the new Evora 400.

You may be forgiven for thinking that it looks like the current model. However, it's more powerful, most of the components are new, it has a new aluminium chassis and new composite body panels. It weighs less and the Toyota sourced engine delivers more power (400 bhp), so a quicker (and newer) car it will be.

The USA is an important market for Lotus as it can no longer sell its current range there. This new model will be sold Stateside as it now has side airbags! The car will be shown at the Geneva car show in early March and European deliveries from August. As for across the Atlantic, early bird customers will start collecting their car at the end of 2015. Production will be increased to 70 cars per week to accommodate the new model and then in 2016 a roadster variant will be added.

Lotus has fixed its sights on where they believe the Evora should be positioned and I think it's the right move. How that decision will affect other models in future will be interesting.

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