Monday, 26 June 2017

Mercedes Benz Production Cars/LCVs By Nation : 2013

The E63 AMG. That means it goes fast

After not releasing production by nation in 2012, thankfully they decided it was OK to do so for 2013. Otherwise they would have missed out on this most important ranking series. They are 14th in the world, excluding heavy duty vehicles, of which they make many.

There is strong rivalry between the BAM car makers, that is BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The fact they are 14th to 16th ranked shows how close they shadow each other. Like BMW, most Mercedes Benz cars are from Germany. They are made in more countries, but most in small numbers. They have increased capacity in the US to 300,000 SUVs per annum and have joined with Nissan's Infiniti to share a plant in Mexico. I see that as a smart move. For more on that venture, please click here.

The GLK. Next time he'll use his stanav 

In the struggle for the bragging rights to be the largest premium car maker, the fight is on. It wouldn't shape any purchasing decision I would make, but for reasons I could explore another time, it is important for some.

11 12 13 Nation Prod Share

1 1 1 Germany 1,156,345 68.9%

2 2 2 USA 185,026 11.0%

4 ? 3 China 123,449 7.4%

9 ? 4 Hungary 109,263 6.5%

5 ? 5 South Africa 50,287 3.0%

3 ? 6 Spain 33,842 2.0%

7 ? 7 Austria 12,675 0.8%

- ? 8 Finland 7,609 0.5%

- ? 9 Russia 963 0.1%

Total 1,679,459

Data source: OICA and Mercedes Benz.

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