Friday, 30 June 2017

Mitsubishi Model To Become A Fiat?

The L200 heading Fiat's way?

Hot on the heels of a recent article I wrote suggesting more co-operation between manufacturers regarding model sharing comes this. Fiat is likely to take the L200 pick-up truck (also named Triton) and sell it in Europe and Latin America. It wouldn't go to North America because the US slaps import duty on trucks such as this one made in Thailand.

Some may say that surely with the Ram brand within its ranks this is not necessary for Fiat. Well, harking back to the article, it has to be cost effective to take a vehicle rather than design and build one yourself. Mitsubishi will benefit from higher volume and profit to cover its investment. Fiat saves itself a bundle in expensive design and tooling up. In other words a win-win situation. I hope it happens and it should happen more often.

Maybe PSA should have got in first.

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