Friday, 30 June 2017

Pakistan Local Sales : 2013/14

29,500 sold in the year just ended

In Pakistan, the sales year goes from July to June, so the figures below are from July 2013 to June 2014. It is also only for cars assembled in the country as well. So Land Rover sales are only for the Defender model, not the others that are imported. However, not many cars are imported due to high tariffs so the data is indicative of what really happens there.

Passenger car sales of locally assembled vehicles were 118,100, 1,150 SUVs and 17,650 Pick ups.

Suzuki has over half the car sales as you can see.  Some sales by model: Cultus 14,650, Mehran 29,500, Bolan 14,100 and Ravi pick up 12,400. Toyota Corolla 29,100 and Hilux 4,500. Honda Civic 9,950 and City 13,750.

Hyundai had been in the market for many years but without too much penetration and pulled out for three year. Now it is back briefly assembling the Santro car and the Shehzore pick up. I'm not sure they are staying. Master make commercial vehicles and one pick up model which shows up here.

As you can see, the models are mainly older ones. To make any money out of relatively small assembly runs makes that necessary. Protected markets are not efficient but they do limit imports and provide some local employment. I guess it's worth the trouble.







45Land Rover7610.6%22%6260.5%83%





Data source: Thanks to PAMA.

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