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Peugeot Worldwide Car Sales By Model : 1998-2013

Looking through statistics like this gives a feel for a brand. It's recent history is an important part where it is today. So let's look at the chart below by model. I had to knock a zero off the model numbers to fit the chart in. The model sales figures are in hundreds, the total figure thousands.

200: This super-mini series was made up of the 205 and 206 models in 1998. The 207 arrived in 2006 and the 208 in 2012. The 301, a model made for emerging markets is based on the 200 series and it was added in 2013. Clearly this has been the volume model for Peugeot since 1999 when the 206 hit its stride.

The Peugeot 208. 334,400 were sold in 2013

300: The 306 small car was a top seller back in 1998, the 307 made its debut in 2001 and the 308 in 2007. The 408, another model made for developing markets is based on the 308.

3000: Peugeot uses an extra zero to denote a crossover model. The small sized 3008 was launched in 2009 and has proved a success for the company.

500/600: The 500 range was superseded by both the 400 and 600 ranges, but I have put them with the latter as that seems the better fit for this executive model. Back in 1998, the 504 and 505 were still trickling out even while the 605 was coming to a close. Often French car makers keep older versions going. Then in the early 2000s, a few 504 cars supported the main selling 607. Then in 2011, the 508 arrived to take over.

2000: The 2008 mini crossover has only just arrived and has taken the place of the 208 wagon.

100: These tiny city cars were named the 106 in 1998, and after a year's gap, the 107 appeared. The 107 is a badge engineered car along with Citroen and Toyota models to save costs.

5000: This compact MPV was introduced in 2009 with modest sales.

4000: The 4007 compact SUV was the same as the Outlander model made for Peugeot by Mitsubishi. It was replaced by the 4008 in 2012, again made for them and the same vehicle as the Mitsubishi ASX. I think it's a good idea. Not a big seller however.

RCZ: A small sports car made by Magna Steyr in Austria in limited numbers. It could be defined as a halo model, drawing attention to the brand in a sporty and fun way.

800: Back in 1998 the large MPV was known as the 806, and was made at the same plant as the re-badged Citroen, Fiat and Lancia models. Since 2002 the 807 replacement along with the Citroen were not so identical as the Fiat and Lancia equivalents.

iOn: Another Mitsubishi made model, identical to the i-MiEV. A very small seller.

400: The 405 model was in run-out mode back in 1998, with the replacement 406 in full swing. The the 407 came in 2004, yet the 405 continued in developing markets. The 405 then outlived the 407, only to be beaten by sanctions against Iran forcing its demise for 2013. The 400 range has been replaced by the 508, which I grouped with the 600 range.

1000: The 1007 was a quirky mini MPV, the first to use the extra zero. It didn't last long and wasn't successful.


Data source: Thanks to PSA. 

Going from 1998 to 2013, sales didn't vary much. The recent loss of 405 sales had an impact as did the lack of presence in many parts of the world, especially only modest sales in China. They are working hard to redress that. Overall, you can see that Peugeot has not progressed as it could have in the time shown above.   

The classic lines of the 405. A fine looking car

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