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Porsche Global Production By Model : 2014

What people think of when they here the name Porsche, the 911

What people think of when they here the name Porsche, the 911

The name Porsche is synonymous with sports cars. Yet Porsche got itself into financial trouble relying on them alone. So the bold move was made to introduce an SUV. It didn't dilute the sporty image and was a successful diversification. In 2014, nearly 62% of volume was from SUVs.

A new Cayenne was released in the second half of 2014 so until that came out, it did impact on production volume That said, it would be hard not to conclude that the new Macan has also taken some sales off the Cayenne. That is to be expected, and besides, overall SUV sales are up anyway thanks to the new model.

The two largest markets for Porsche vehicles is the USA and China, both registering 47,000 sales each. Profit margins for Porsche were 15.8% in 2014, down form 18% in 2013. The new Macan was stated as a major reason for the dip in margin, with the costs associated with its release. 

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Data source: VW Group. 

Summary: Production should grow in 2015, but maybe not the busy 22% of 2014. The Macan will be in full flow and the new Cayenne will be getting a full year's sales. I can only assume that SUV side of the business will take a record percentage of sales for what is a renowned sports car brand. 

What Porsche is increasingly becoming, an SUV maker

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