Friday, 2 June 2017

Samsung Global Car Sales By Model : 2014

The term global is loosely applied here as Samsung is not exported to many countries, in fact only Chile. As of 2015, it will be a Korea only brand. Samsung make the Rogue for Nissan and the Koleos for Renault to make production volumes viable.

The SM5 is also known as the latitude and Safrane elsewhere. SM3 cars are also Fluence cars in other places. The QM3 is known as a Captur, QM5 the Koleos and the SM7 a large car sold as the Talisman in China. The 22% is impressive and came about because of the new QM3 model being added.

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Data source: Renault Group.

Summary: It seems that the name Samsung will be used in Korea and all cars exported will be Renault cars. That is the logical way to go as the Samsung name is known in the car world in its domestic market but not elsewhere.

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