Monday, 26 June 2017

Some Important Cars For 2015 : Premium

These cars below are some I picked out for the premium segment that will be new for 2015. They all have an important requirement to succeed. Each brand they represent has a mission they want this car to help achieve. They are listed alphabetically.

One model won't change years of neglect, no matter how good

Alfa Romeo Giulia - This car is to turn things around at AR, getting the company back to producing sporty, rear-wheel drive cars. It is hoped it returns the marque back to its famous past with regards to driving experience. Probable effect on the marque 5/10.

It looks the car Infiniti need. Taking sales off existing marques though...

Infiniti Q30 - Can it help the brand to shed its conservative image and start to compete internationally? Infiniti seems to be moving in the right direction with this car. How it goes against especially Germanic competition will decide that. Probable effect on the marque 4/10.

This is a fantastic car, but it still has to win new customers 

Jaguar XE - Takes the game to another level. Jaguar want in on the volume end of the premium market. This looks like it will do very well, just how well we shall see. Competitors will be watching closely. Probable effect on the marque 7/10.

LR keep delivering. This car will succeed big time I believe

Land Rover Discovery Sport - This is a new direction for LR, with the Freelander being replaced by this model. It is more upmarket yet promises to sell at Freelander volumes. LR want this to take the success of recent years to another level. Probable effect on the marque 8/10.

Can't say I like the look, but no doubt a good vehicle

Volvo XC 90 - This car provides new impetus for the make. Volvo claims the new the XC90 is the car to help re-launch the brand. Quite a claim but it seems to be right on the money. Volvo need this to work. Probable effect on the marque 6/10.

Summary: They all have an important role to play for their marque, but the results may vary somewhat. I thought I would pick the XE as the one to stand out above the others, and it may well do. But it will have to prove itself in a very tough segment. Land Rover are just the best 4x4 makers around and it cannot fail, so that's why it pips the Jag on my score system. If the Jag hits the target however....

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