Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sweden / Finland Premium Brand Comparison 2014

Conservative is best for Finland

Swedes obviously buy more cars than Finns, 1 to 2.89 to be precise. That is especially so with premium cars where some marques couldn't be compared as they don't even sell in Finland, of at least I have no data for them. I have combined premium and luxury due to the smaller number of makes available.

As to why Finland has fewer premium car buyers, it could be their more conservative nature. Which may explain why Maserati and MINI are well on the Swedish side. Volvo having a strong following at home is understandable. From Audi up to Alfa Romeo, there isn't much difference in ratios between nations but after that it blows out.

Brand Sweden Finland Ratio

Mercedes 11,531 5,516 2.09

Tesla 266 94 2.83

Audi 18,613 6,283 2.96

BMW 18,120 5,024 3.61

Jaguar 177 49 3.61

Alfa Romeo 175 45 3.89

Land Rover 1,025 205 5.00

Lexus 1,025 196 5.23

Porsche 819 142 5.77

Volvo 61,495 7,693 7.99

MINI 1,646 187 8.80

Maserati 43 4 10.75

Data source: Autolan Tiedotuskeskus (Finland) and Bilsweden. 

Maybe too 'out there' for the Finns

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