Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Aston Martin For Sale?

Investment Dar who own 64% of the executive sports car maker, are rumoured to want to find a buyer. The problem will be finding someone to pay what they want. Aston Martin is a marketable brand, but has suffered in the last couple of years from a lack of investment. Trying to run any brand as a stand alone business is impossible, what with the costs associated with car development today. A few possible suitors I would have thought were a good fit are as follows:

Jaguar/Land Rover: AM could share much with Jaguar sports cars, Jag doing the lower price mass produced cars and Aston the premium end of the market. Cost savings would be achieved. Also, an upmarket SUV based on the RR Sport would go down well I'd wager.

Toyota: They already supply tiny IQ cars, turned into plush offerings to reduce the company's carbon footprint. They could do the same as JLR, but working with Lexus. 

Mercedes Benz: MB had a tie up with McLaren making top end cars for them, but this time top MB sports cars upgraded for the rarefied air AM operate in. 

I don't think other brands would be suitable, because it needs to be a company that can provide top sports cars which both could use, albeit in slightly differing segments. Aston Martin deserve a quality car maker as an owner. 

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