Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Australia / NZ Sales By Brand Comparison: 2011

Australia and New Zealand (ANZACs) are very close nations, like Canada and the USA. Accents and culture also have a strong similarity. How about car buying preferences by brand?
To start, Australia has 92.3% of sales and NZ 7.7%. The figure after the brand name below is the percentage the brand achieves over or under the average, NZ being the reference country. For example Suzuki makes 16.9% of its ANZAC sales in NZ, but NZ only has 7.7% of ANZAC sales. The 16.9% figure is 119% up on 7.7%. That is the method I have used to show the variances.

US Brands: GM Holden is -22% in NZ, but Ford is +12% for the smaller nation.
Premium Brands: Only MINI (+55%) and Audi is stronger in NZ (+9%). Weaker are Volvo (-57%), Jaguar (-21%) BMW (-16%).
Luxury Brands: This now swings NZs way. Aston Martin (+196%), Bentley (+97%), Lamborghini (+75%) and Maserati (+61%).
Korean Brands: Ssangyong (+178%) and Kia (+14%) favoured by Kiwis, but not Hyundai (-7%).
European Brands: A mixed bag here. Peugeot and Citroen strong in NZ (+65% each), as was Fiat (+97%), while Renault (-67%) and VW (-7%) not so.
Japanese Brands: NZers more likely to buy Suzuki (+119%) and Toyota (+14%). Not so Subaru (-46%), Isuzu (-38%) and Mazda (-19%).
Summary: Japanese brands are slightly more favoured in Australia, while premium brand are much stronger. Luxury marques swings very much in NZ's favour though.
For the full list with the most popular Kiwi brands from the top down and Aussie from the bottom up:

Aston Martin +196%
Ssangyong +178%
Morgan +158%
Suzuki +119%
Bentley +97%
Fiat +97%
Lamborghini +75%
Alfa Romeo +68%
Peugeot +65%
Citroen +65%
Skoda +65%
Maserati +61%
MINI +55%
Porsche +31%
Ferrari +14%
Kia +14%
Toyota +14%
Ford +12%
Chery +11%
Audi +9%
Honda +3%

Chrysler -2%
Lexus -4%
Mitsubishi -6%
Mercedes -6%
Volkswagen -7%
Hyundai -7%
Nissan -8%
Land Rover -12%
BMW -16%
Mazda -19%
Jaguar -21%
Holden -22%
Great Wall -24%
Isuzu -38%
Subaru -46%
Volvo -57%
Renault -67%
Lotus -79%

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