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Austria Sales By Model : 2013

The Hyundai i20 was 6th with a 37% increase

In a market down just over 5%, minus symbols abound. The yellow colour shows how much VW Group cars are preferred, both in the number but also how they dominate the top half of the list. Adding VW and European brands gives two thirds of the Top 50 models to the home continent.

Hyundai does well getting two in the top 10. The ever present Qashqai got there too. However, one is left with the overall impression of the VW Group's strong position.


1VW Golf16,07614,21513%
VW Group

2VW Polo9,7989,3025%
19 Models

3VW Tiguan8,4209,378-10%

4Skoda Octavia7,1777,385-3%

5Skoda Fabia6,4116,699-4%
14 Models

6Hyundai i206,0474,42137%

7Hyundai i305,3995,877-8%

8Seat Ibiza5,1925,885-12%
9 Models

9BMW Serie 35,0043,39647%

10Nissan Qashqai4,9924,38114%

11Fiat 5004,8533,65233%
8 Models

12Hyundai iX354,8493,75329%

13Renault Clio4,4113,66920%

14Ford Fiesta4,2565,636-24%

15Audi A34,2224,2290%

16Renault Meg Scen II4,1174,498-8%

17VW Sharan4,0394,381-8%

18Audi A43,9624,648-15%

19Ford Focus3,7934,176-9%

20Audi Q33,7403,25815%

21VW Bus3,6693,4915%

22Seat Leon3,6242,45048%

23VW Touran3,4984,266-18%

24Opel Astra3,4784,968-30%

25VW Passat3,4575,010-31%

26Kia Cee'd3,4384,197-18%

27Opel Corsa3,2683,372-3%

28Skoda Yeti3,2663,709-12%

29Seat Alhambra3,1792,9647%

30Peugeot 2083,1552,70217%

31Mazda CX-53,1001,58096%

32Renault Megane II3,0243,956-24%

33VW Caddy3,0213,300-8%

34Opel Mokka2,937395644%

35Dacia Sandero2,9171,344117%

36Ford Galaxy2,7973,472-19%

37Opel Zafira2,7023,712-27%

38Mercedes A2,6331,52772%

39Ford C-Max2,5153,141-20%

40Opel Meriva2,4673,285-25%

41Hyundai iX202,4302,556-5%

42BMW X32,4063,180-24%

43VW Golf Plus2,4033,016-20%

44Citroen C4 Picasso2,3653,155-25%

45BMW Serie 12,3563,250-28%

46BMW X12,2962,349-2%

47Dacia Duster2,2732,968-23%

48BMW Serie 52,2422,491-10%

49Audi Q52,1701,61035%

50Toyota Yaris2,1592,569-16%

Data source: Thanks to KFZ Wirtschaft/Datafact.

The Seat Leon roared with 48% growth

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