Wednesday, 26 July 2017

BMW M5 vs Jaguar XFR

Two ultimate driving machines went head to head in an Auto Express test. How did they fare? The M5 first:

Plus: Agile, direct steering, excellent body control, limpet-like grip, gearbox smooth and relaxing shifts (at speed).

Minus: A little detached and clinical, gearbox slightly jerky around town, quite a bit more expensive.

Plus: Blisteringly quick, sleek style, engaging driving dynamics, excellent value for money, cabin with charming appeal, plenty of standard kit, more fun and engaging to drive.

Minus: Less power, higher CO2 emissions, less roomy, boot awkwardly shaped.

So in summary, who won from Auto Express' opinion? It gave it to the Jaguar.

For potential buyers, the XFR would sway some by the superior style, better cabin ambiance, the more engaging driving experience, or even value for money. Those choosing the M5 preferring the sharp drive, or extra room on offer.

Myself, I don't really want a hard, on the edge driving car, but one with character, style and with a sense of fun. I think you know which that one is.

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