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Canada Sales By Model : 2013

Toronto, or Toron-o as the locals seem to say it

The thing that stands out for me is the strength of Asian models. If Japan and Korea branded models are combined, they would constitute 54% of the total. Compare that with 40% for US and just 6% for Europe. Of course, US brands are more at the top of the list, but Asian models are certainly popular north of the 49th parallel.

The top two pick up trucks had useful gains in sales. It seems they are especially popular in the prairie states, Northern Alberta in particular. There is a financial boom out west which is pushing the pick up up. The Civic is made in Canada, so that helps that model to make third place. 

So while city folk in Canada probably think the country buys mainly fuel efficient cars, out west it is a very different story.


1Ford F-Series122,325106,35815%

2Dodge Ram 80,24869,25516%
20 Models

3Honda Civic64,06364,962-1%

4Hyundai Elantra54,76050,9507%

5GMC Sierra46,90842,71210%
19 Models

6Dodge Gr Caravan46,73251,552-9%

7Ford Escape45,14144,0992%

8Toyota Corolla44,44940,9069%
8 Models

9Mazda 340,46639,2953%

10Chevrolet Silverado37,49035,9434%

11Honda CR-V34,48133,3393%
3 Models

12Chevrolet Cruze33,18432,6292%

13Toyota RAV433,15625,94228%
US Maker

14Volkswagen Jetta30,41326,90413%

15Hyundai Santa Fe/XL  29,22023,39425%

16Dodge Journey27,74528,888-4%
7 Models

17Ford Focus25,78127,936-8%

18Ford Fusion20,14516,69821%

19Chevrolet Equinox19,81920,390-3%
7 Models

20Hyundai Accent18,88422,581-16%

21Jeep Wrangler18,57818,996-2%

22Toyota Camry18,24518,2030%
6 Models

23Mazda CX-517,64811,30156%

24Ford Edge17,27418,837-8%

25Honda Accord17,1659,93073%

26Nissan Rogue16,87814,32918%

27Kia Rio15,60113,94912%

28Kia Sorento14,54214,0314%

29Hyundai Sonata14,51914,5720%

30Nissan Sentra14,40711,00831%

31BMW 3-Series12,50711,23411%

32Nissan Versa12,29712,476-1%

33Volkswagen Golf11,87113,298-11%

34GMC Terrain11,80212,302-4%

35Toyota Sienna11,75611,858-1%

36Hyundai Tucson11,68513,969-16%

37Chrysler 20011,66614,125-17%

38Jeep Gr Cherokee11,58710,41611%

39Kia Forte11,40014,856-23%

40Subaru Forester11,2397,15657%

41Ford Explorer10,77210,4273%

42Toyota Matrix10,68912,982-18%

43Nissan Altima10,48812,793-18%

44Toyota Tacoma10,4009,9045%

45Honda Odyssey10,2849,09413%

46Subaru Impreza9,91111,212-12%

47Dodge Dart9,8703,460185%

48Ford Fiesta9,85111,817-17%

49Honda Fit9,5124,736101%

50Chevrolet Sonic9,4008,9685%

Data source: Thanks to Good Car Bad Car.

Locally made Civic - a very pleasant car (yawn)

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