Saturday, 15 July 2017

Dacia Car Sales By Model: 2012

Value brand Dacia is doing well for owner Renault. Not only are selling well as rebadged Renaults in many markets, it sells well in its own right. It does rely on Europe for the bulk of its sales (64%) but less so than 2011 (70.5%). The big selling Duster (picture above) was down, which made the overall performance of just a 7% increase look not so good. However, with Europe in poor shape, that took a toll. With the new Lodgy and Dokker (picture below), 2013 will surely be much better. Plus when you think that increasingly Renaults sold around the world are  actually Dacias, then certainly this a successful brand for the Renault Group.

2012 car sales are below, with the extreme right column being the share each model has of total sales. An additional 14,910 Dacias sold as light commercial vehicles, mainly Logans. The pale blue shading is increase and the sole decrease yellow.




Lodgy29,126    new8.4%

Dokker2,395    new0.7%



Data source: Thanks to Renault.

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