Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Green JLR Engine Plant

JLR has completed the largest solar rooftop panel installation at it's new engine plant in the midlands of England. It is hoped to generate over 30% of the plant's power requirement, the equivalent of the electricity consumed by over 1,600 homes. This will reduce the plant's CO2 footprint by over 2,400 tonnes per year. There will also be monitoring of power use to maximise efficiency, plus other design features to aid in this.

There will also be an ecology corridor to encourage the movement of creatures from one side of the site to another. Various habitat initiatives have been put in place to encourage small animals and birds to settle. JLR has won the '2013 Responsible Business of the Year' award for the way the project has been designed.

The first engines to be used will be for the new smaller Jaguar car due in 2015. Until that happens, the local flora and fauna will have time to settle in nicely. Well done JLR.

The very stylish XE. 

For a basic overview of the plant, please click here. About the green angle please try here.

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