Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Honda Civic Hatch: Australia vs NZ

The Honda Civic Hatch is sold in both NZ and Australia, sourced from the same UK factory...yet you wouldn't know that by pricing. In Australia the Honda is driven away at AUS$22,650 or if you take into account the 20% difference in currency with NZ, then it would be NZD$27,180. The problem is it is sold in NZ at NZD$33,650! That is a difference of NZD$6,470!! The NZ price is also absolutely no haggle and they will not budge on price. Discounting hurts resale prices Honda NZ say, and that is true. However, charge a fair price in the first place if you go down that route.

 I have heard of Canadians complaining about differing prices between their country and the USA. I am sure many other places could relate similar stories. Most car makers view Australasia as one market and NZ orders are tacked onto Australia's. Therefore difference in price beyond currency value should not happen. With this car it does. I hate to say it but if buying a Civic Hatch, Australia is the country to live. I guess there had to be one reason to say Australia was a better country to live in. I shall not be moving across the Tasman Sea just for that though. If only Honda NZ would sharpen their pencil on the price.

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