Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Israel Car Sales By Model : 2013

The Kia Picanto roared to the top of the charts

I don't recall any car market like this one. So many of the top models are from Japan and Korea I took the unprecedented step of separating them. Only one model with a US brand name and that took a 47% hit. European brands fare better, but still don't do that well.

By all accounts the Kia Picanto is a good little runabout. Number one though? Toyota must be miffed at missing out on top spot. The i30 had a good year as the Koreans take charge.

Rnk    Brand/Model20132012     +/-

1Kia Picanto9,6596,05460%

2Toyota Corolla9,3708,13815%
14 Models

3Ford Focus8,39315,792-47%

4Hyundai i308,0174,48679%

5Hyundai i357,2257,589-5%
8 Models

6Hyundai i206,4216,458-1%

7Renault Fluence5,7004,29633%

8Hyundai i254,6665,788-19%
7 Models

9Nissan Micra4,2023,41523%

10Kia Rio4,2004,652-10%

11Toyota Yaris4,1653,72812%
1 Model

12Seat Ibiza4,0335,214-23%

13Suzuki SX43,9702,73245%

14Skoda Octavia3,9613,7526%

15Honda Civic3,4593,2008%

16Nissan Juke3,3373,2473%

17Mazda 23,2992,48633%

18Mitsubishi Outlander3,239669384%

19Opel Astra3,1911,99160%

20Mazda CX-53,1392,09050%

21Kia Forte3,0173,618-17%

22Skoda Rapid2,575new

23Suzuki Alto2,4102,08216%

24Hyundai ix352,3682,3112%

25VW Golf2,3421,67240%

26Mazda 62,273550313%

27Citroen Berlingo2,2441,69732%

28Suzuki Splash2,1402,320-8%

29Suzuki Swift2,0562,145-4%

30Nissan Qashqai2,0322,092-3%

Data source: For more detail, please click here.

The Hyundai i30 up nearly 80%

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