Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Jaguar Worldwide Sales By Model: 2011

Jaguar have always viewed sales data as private information not for public consumption. Things have improved although they still do silly things like get all coy about sales in India. Maybe one day. One thing owner TATA has been is more open. Now probably for the first time, Jaguar worldwide sales by model is available to the public thanks to a more open policy by TATA and some super sleuth work by yours truly. So with out further ado:
XF 30,646 60.5%
XJ 15,128 29.9%
XK 4,894 9.7%
Tot 50,678

So what do we learn from this? The saloon (sedan) cars sell well but the sports car XK is lower than I thought it would be. It emphasises how important the new smaller F-Type sports car will be when it arrives in 2013. This is because the XK operates in the limited and quite crowded super luxury sports car segment and sales will never be that brisk in such a rarefied environment. The F-Type and a Jaguar sports car will then be reachable for so many more people.

As for the XJ, sales are going well. The XF is strong and will do better still as it increases its model variants and engine options. The big plus is the brand remains profitable in difficult times.

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