Tuesday, 25 July 2017

JLR Is Being Watched

Well, more precisely Land Rover, but as Jaguar gets more product on-stream they too will be watched. Who is doing the watching? The competition. I was reading how Audi asked Land Rover for a pre-production Range Rover Evoque in exchange for a Q3 in a similar state of readiness. Usually competitors buy a competition's product once released and take it back to HQ for a thorough going over if they want to know what it is about. That shows how serious the opposition take the Evoque and why not? It is certainly the hottest vehicle in its segment.

Perhaps new Jaguars will elicit the same response as LR is from new models. It is a sign that JLR is now seen as a company that will be taking more market share in future, as the vehicle range grows. Germanic offerings are seen as highly engineered cars but not pretty. JLR are both and it has only been poor managing of the brands that caused the company to under achieve.
Under Tata, JLR has direction and is getting geared up for a more serious push in the premium sector. True, JLR is not trying to become another BMW in volume as it keeps away from the 1-Series end of the market. The difference now is it is being so well managed, it is being watched rather closely.

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