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Land Rover Sales By Model: 2012/13

The new Range Rover - a class act indeed

The year for these sales figures is based on April to March. Therefore, Q1 is April to June 2012, Q2 July to September 2012 etc. JLR call this Year 2013 just to confuse you. Land Rover sales have not increased by as much each quarter, but that is due to the Evoque coming on stream and initially creating enormous gains.

ModelQ1 13Q2 13Q3 13Q4 13FY 13
R R Evoque26,94624,44228,03933,989113,416
R R Sport12,65814,02614,95814,92056,562
Range Rover6,6806,4385,93312,02931,080
ModelQ1 12Q2 12Q3 12Q4 12FY 12
R R Sport13,85413,21014,09015,19056,344
R R Evoque-3,09619,61429,17151,881
Range Rover7,5547,0097,4588,44530,466

The Evoque looks the part in the city environment too

Looking forward, Year 2014 should produce more even growth, albeit less frenetic. An extra shift at the  Halewood plant can be seen in the 34,000 Evoques made in the 4th quarter of '13. Freelander sales will also benefit as it is made in the same factory. The new Range Rover is a very good vehicle and will increase sales for the '14 year. The Q4 '13 sales (Jan-Mar 2013) of 95,294 is a record figure.

The Freelander (LR2) getting its boots muddy

It's nice that JLR is open with sales data, which is both good for investor confidence and PR generally.

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