Friday, 7 July 2017

MINI Brand Worldwide Sales By Model: 2013

MINI owners do love their cars..apparently

BMW's MINI brand had a year that little actually happened. True, the Paceman arrived, but didn't cause too much of a splash. However, the new MINI is arriving in dealers and that will buoy things along for 2014. It could be said that MINI held up well with reduced deliveries late in 2013 as the new model was prepared for.

The Oxford plant in the UK has capacity constraints, that mean the the models shaded in yellow are made in Austria. That will be switching to the Netherlands utilising the plant vacated by Mitsubishi.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, while the Roadster and Coupe have added variety to the range, they have done poorly on the sales side of things. There are conflicting reports coming out as to whether they will be axed or not. BMW says that hasn't come from them, in fact they are working with Toyota on the possibility of sharing a platform for a new Roadster.

The Roadster's problem is that they only sell in good numbers in the US, UK and Germany. This makes the need for cost sharing on a limited volume model. Toyota would like to get back into sports cars too, so the union on that project looks promising.










Data source: Thanks to BMW.

The Paceman looking, er... pacey

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