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Nederland Sales By Model : 2013

Volvo V40 a big hit 

The chart below of the Top 40 models shows a strong European brand preference. Despite a sales drop of some note, many models enjoyed a strong increase.

Some models that stand out in a positive way are the Volvo V40 and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. (You could say Outlander Phever has arrived). They had a rush of sales due to having eco-friendly variants, which get favourable assistance from the government to encourage consumers toward them. 

It is good to see such models being helped along, but it does affect the sales charts quite markedly. The Toyota Auris, with its hybrid option, had a solid increase too. 

Rank   2013   2012+/-

1VW UP!16,18712,74227%

2VW Golf14,5219,69450%
24 Models

3Ford Focus13,37311,76414%

4Renault Megane12,53821,420-41%

5Volvo V4012,3002,968314%
11 Models

6Renault Clio12,1525,069140%

7Kia Picanto10,76411,364-5%

8Peugeot 10710,01115,762-36%
5 Models

9VW Polo9,74918,758-48%

10Peugeot 2089,4317,82021%

11Mitsubishi Outlandr8,7261,024752%

12Ford Fiesta8,42710,326-18%

13BMW 3-Serie8,3837,46712%

14Volvo V607,8702,389229%

15Citroen C17,2599,785-26%

16Toyota Aygo6,9628,472-18%

17Toyota Auris6,8753,47898%

18Toyota Yaris6,50210,149-36%

19Opel Corsa6,1029,366-35%

20Fiat 5005,6175,3834%

21Audi A3/S35,5823,68452%

22Renault Twingo5,17412,169-57%

23Fiat Panda5,0298,226-39%

24Skoda Octavia4,9525,020-1%

25Kia Rio4,7577,478-36%

26Audi A4/S4/RS44,4454,976-11%

27Opel Astra4,2608,017-47%

28Citroen C34,1115,513-25%

29Peugeot 5083,9188,566-54%

30Hyundai I 103,8876,441-40%

31Renault Captur3,766newn/a

32Suzuki Alto3,7435,236-29%

33Toyota Prius3,7313,5495%

34Seat Mii3,6401,83698%

35BMW 1-Serie3,5294,318-18%

36BMW 5-Serie3,3893,633-7%

37Ford B-Max3,1122591102%

38Skoda Citigo3,0261,54596%

39Mazda CX-52,8872,62010%

40Kia C'eed2,8292,33521%

Data source: Thanks to Rai Vereniging.

The tree hugging Outlander PHEV 

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