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New Zealand Sales By Model : 2013

The Toyota Corolla top for the 6th year in a row

Data for car sales in New Zealand is not that easy to access. The private body Motor Industry Association MIA does a good job with monthly sales by brand, and a few model sales. However, nothing comes out during the year in any depth for sales by model.

A little into the following calendar year, the government department LTSA releases sales by model which is where this came from (a big thanks to them for that). It has to be refined to get it to this level, but hey I know you appreciate the time I took to get it to you in this form. No problem.

The top 60 appears below. The Corolla held onto the top spot for the 6th consecutive year and by some margin. The Suzuki Swift came in second but with less sales and a charging GM Commodore nearly took it. The new Rav4 jumped nine place and with the Yaris gave Toyota three of the top five. The Mazda CX5 leaped nine places as well and the VW Golf is now benefiting from having a sharper price. Three new models came to the market and managed to make the top 60.

The Can Am isn't a bird or a plane, but it's a car apparently
A few cars that didn't make the list. The Can AM Spider made 52 sales, the Chery J3 climbed from 54 to 159 sales, while the Fiat 500 went from 79 to 171 units. 16 Jaguar F-Types found new homes, and the Lexus IS range went from 100 to 203 sales. Six Mclaren MP4-12C models were picked up, while the same number of Vauxhall Vivaro seated vans were sold as passenger cars. I have thought the Vivaro would compliment the Holden range nicely here.


11Toyota Corolla5,995

22Suzuki Swift2,972
28 Models

43Holden Commodore2,764

134Toyota Rav42,743

55Toyota Yaris2,384
13 Models

36Holden Captiva2,265

167Mazda CX52,191

88Holden Cruze2,117
11 Models

109Hyundai Santa Fe1,935

1110Mazda 31,610

2111VW Golf1,602
7 Models

611Ford Focus1,602

2313Hyundai iX351,483

1414Toyota Camry1,352
1 Model

1915Mitsubishi Outlander1,345

1216Ford Mondeo1,333

717Hyundai i301,300

1518Ford Territory1,283

919Toyota Highlander1,277

6820Ford Kuga1,075

3921Mitsubishi Lancer1,053

2222Holden Barina/Spark1,039

2523Mazda 61,001

1824Nissan Qashqai978

2825Honda Jazz964

2026Ford Fiesta927

1727Ford Falcon896

2428Honda Civic866

-29Mitsubishi Mirage847

3030Nissan X-Trail839

3331Honda CR-V823

2732Mazda 2756

2633Kia Sportage751

3734VW Tiguan741

3635VW Polo709

5136BMW 3/4 Series631

3237Toyota Prado629

-38Nissan Pulsar618

4339Hyundai Accent614

3440Hyundai i20598

2941Suzuki SX4585

3842Kia Cerato563

4443Toyota Prius549

7044Ssangy Korando548

5044Jeep Grand Cherokee548

3146Mitsubishi ASX540

4547Dodge Journey539

4048Kia Rio503

4849BMW 1 Series474

4250Toyota Aurion456

4651Subaru Outback451

5351Kia Sorento/R451

5753Subaru Forester428

3554Nissan Juke410

4955M-Benz C-Class397

5856Subaru XV378

6457Peugeot 308367

6058Hyundai i40351

-59Holden Malibu337

7860Audi A/S3332

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