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Norway Sales By Model : 2013

The Tesla S is a looker. More importantly electric

The top 20 in Norway make for interesting reading. Japanese brands make up four of the top five models, unusual for Europe. Mind you the Auris, Leaf, Qashqai and Avensis all hail from the UK and the Yaris France. US brands only feature twice, which is low for the region.

Some extreme movements of model sales occur here. 100%+ increases and 40% decreases are the norm it seems. The V40 helped Volvo to an increase of 3%, the Leaf enabled Nissan to grow 23%. Meanwhile the Auris was the reason for Toyota improving 7%.  Unfortunately, the Golf's +17% could not stop VW falling 7%.


1VW Golf7,3666,31317%

2Toyota Auris4,8182,55589%

3Nissan Leaf4,6042,298100%

4Mazda CX-54,3871,476197%

5Toyota Yaris4,2503,71514%

6Volvo V403,833767400%

7Skoda Octavia3,7882,82634%

8Toyota RAV43,3951,637107%

9Volvo V703,1723,860-18%

10Ford Focus3,1694,261-26%

11VW Passat2,9974,148-28%

12Mitsubishi Outlander2,9891,386116%

13VW Tiguan2,8883,879-26%

14Nissan Qashqai2,6272,897-9%

15Volvo V602,4072,860-16%

16Toyota Avensis2,1753,726-42%

17Volvo XC602,1062,0622%

18Audi A32,1031,33657%

19Mercedes A2,047395419%

20Tesla S1,9830n/a

Sales data: Thanks to OFV Norway

The Nissan Leaf charging ahead in Norway

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