Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Suzuki USA Bows Out

The oldest sales record I can find for Suzuki USA is 1985, when 2,650 vehicles were sold. Sales took off quickly and by 1987, 81,300 new Suzukis found a garage to call their own. Sales fell back after that to the 25-35,000 mark through much of the 90's. Then, with the advent of the new millennium, sales rose sharply.
2003 58,400
2004 73,900
2005 82,100
2006 101,000
2007 101,900
2008 86,200

Then the US economy went down and the artificially low Yen finally went to a fairer level.

2009 38,700
2010 24,000
2011 26,600
2012 21,200*
*10 months.

You cannot sell a small vehicle range in the US with those recent volumes and not expect to lose money. American Suzuki Motor Corp has filed for bankruptcy and will leave the vehicle market in the US. No one wants to see this happen, but it was inevitable. The brand will still exist but with other products.

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