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Sweden Sales By Model : 2013

The Toyota Auris sales doubled - here being made in nearby UK

Volvo make four of the top 10 places, which shows the support Swedes give their domestic brand. They also prefer European brands to others too, 64% of the list to be precise. Asian brands do manage 30% but the US brands are conspicuous by their rarity. Each of the three US models lost sales quite heavily too.

The Auris did very well for Toyota, climbing into the top 10. The Rav4 did well too, up 77%. The Honda CRV was a big improver. The Mercedes A Class - with looks only a mother could love - inexplicably had a good year!? The UP! lived up to its name for VW, but small cars are not big in Sweden.


1VOLVO C/V7020,44722,017-7%

2VW PASSAT14,33116,270-12%
32 Models

3VOLVO S/V6014,19414,323-1%

4VW GOLF11,23811,2810%

5VOLVO V409,1727,90416%
15 Models

6VOLVO XC608,5986,39634%

7KIA CEE'D6,7597,175-6%

8BMW 3-SERIE5,9965,24714%
3 Models

9TOYOTA AURIS5,1412,575100%

10AUDI A/S44,8064,5905%

11BMW 5-SERIE4,6914,5753%

12SKODA OCTAVIA4,4213,79916%

13TOYOTA YARIS4,0724,610-12%

14FORD FOCUS4,0105,617-29%

15AUDI A6/73,9914,297-7%

16RENAULT CLIO3,9714,131-4%

17RENAULT MEGANE3,6764,359-16%

18VW POLO3,5963,880-7%

19HYUNDAI i303,5833,702-3%

20SKODA FABIA3,5534,081-13%

21NISSAN QASHQAI3,5083,890-10%

22AUDI A/S33,0962,9106%

23VW TIGUAN2,9823,504-15%

24KIA SPORTAGE2,9103,026-4%

25FIAT DUCATO2,6352,686-2%

26TOYOTA AVENSIS2,6013,759-31%

27MERCEDES E2,5122,588-3%

28PEUGEOT 2082,2132,670-17%

29PEUGEOT 3082,1512,828-24%

30SUBARU LEGACY2,0922,221-6%

31HONDA CR-V2,0501,23167%

32HYUNDAI i201,9972,576-22%

33TOYOTA RAV41,9401,09977%

34MERCEDES A1,93098596%

35SKODA SUPERB1,8922,023-6%

36OPEL ASTRA1,8892,447-23%

37BMW 1-SERIE1,8732,376-21%

38MERCEDES C1,8013,588-50%

39FORD FIESTA1,7822,227-20%

40VW UP!1,66391482%

41HYUNDAI i401,6472,163-24%

42KIA RIO1,6192,151-25%

43CITROEN C41,6011,942-18%

44HYUNDAI iX351,5151,32215%

45BMW X31,4961,815-18%

46SUBARU FORESTER1,48189266%

47VW TOURAN1,4801,611-8%

48AUDI Q51,4181,2969%

49CITROEN C31,4001,503-7%

50BMW X11,3841,3433%

Data source: Thanks to Bilsweden.

The Honda CR-V in a Swedish wood (or maybe Norwegian)

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