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Top 10 UK By The Decade: 1965 - 2012

The Very Successful BMC 1100/1300

Looking back on times not that distant, you see that things are always changing, that nothing stays the same. Because the change is gradual it is not always noticed, but the list below makes you realise how different the car market was back in the 20th Century. Some points to note from the chart below:

The models are colour coded by origin.
In '65, two thirds of cars sold were in the top 10, in 2012 30%.
Vauxhall were in a trough in '75, with just one model represented.
French models came and went... German brands are making their move.



1BMC 1100/1300157,679
Ford Cortina106,8371
2Ford Cortina116,985
Ford Escort103,8172
3BMC Mini104,477
BL Mini84,6683
4Ford Anglia84,589
Morris Marina78,6324
5Vauxhall Victor60,854
Austin Allegro63,3395
6Vauxhall Viva58,884
Vauxhall Viva54,7316
7BMC 1.6 Farina52,503
Hillman Avenger38,3777
8Triumph Herald/Vit46,626
Tri Toledo/1500/Dol30,1198
9Morris Minor44,905
Austin Princess29,0679
10Ford Corsair44,463
Hillman Hunter28,96610

% Of Total67.2%
% Of Total51.8%



1Ford Escort157,269
Ford Escort137,7601
2Vauxhall Cavalier134,334
Ford Fiesta129,5742
3Ford Fiesta124,143
Ford Mondeo118,0403
4Austin/MG Metro118,817
Vauxhall Astra100,7094
5Ford Sierra101,642
Vauxhall Cavalier73,9785
6Vauxhall Astra76,553
Vauxhall Corsa72,5086
7Austin/MG Montego73,955
Rover 20068,1147
8Ford Orion65,363
Peugeot 30656,1128
9Vauxhall Nova61,358
Renault Clio52,5769
10Austin/MG Maestro57,527
Rover 10052,39210

% Of Total53.0%
% Of Total44.3%



1Ford Focus145,010
Ford Fiesta109,2651
2Vauxhall Astra108,461
Vauxhall Corsa89,4342
3Vauxhall Corsa89,463
Ford Focus83,1153
4Renault Megane87,093
VW Golf62,0214
5Ford Fiesta83,803
Vauxhall Astra63,0235
6VW Golf67,749
Nissan Qashqai45,6756
7Peugeot 20667,450
BMW 3 Series44,5217
8Ford Mondeo57,589
VW Polo41,9018
9Renault Clio56,538
Mercedes C37,2619
10BMW 3 Series44,844
BMW MINI36,83910

% Of Total33.1%
% Of Total30.0%

The Popular Ford Anglia
Data source: SMMT

PS. Both cars pictured I had Dinky car models of.

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