Friday, 14 July 2017

Why Car Reliability Doesn't Seem To Matter That Much

The previous blog showed that some cars are consistently more reliable than others. However, providing the car isn't always in the workshop, then reliability isn't a deciding factor. Why? I have come up with a few reasons:

1) When buying new, the warranty covers the repair cost anyway. Therefore, that assurance is enough reason for some no doubt.

2) It's desirability is what entices the purchaser. They like the car and want to own it.

3) A love of a particular brand and and even becoming a loyal supporter of it.

4) Image. The car they buy has prestige and they want to be seen driving such a car.

5) A problem with a car brings contact with the dealer. If they handle the problem well, it reassures the customer that the local dealer of this marque looks after you. You then trust them and even build a rapport with the dealership.

6) Even when you see some cars more reliable on lists, the truth is even the lowest ranked brands are not breaking down that much anyway. Not enough to question whether to buy one.

In Summary: Of course, those who value reliability above all else will choose on that basis. Unfortunately, the cars that seem to go and go are also the dull ones to drive. So what do you want? Driving pleasure or total reliability? It seems you can't have both!

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